17th ICIS Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

Hyatt Regency Jersey City, United States
Conference: 30 November - 1 December 2023
Training: 28-29 November 2023

The Defining Networking Event for the Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants Market


As market dynamics are shifting across the region, and sustainability is at the forefront of change, save the date for the 17th ICIS Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants Conference, set to take place in Jersey City from 30 November – 1 December 2023. Positioned strategically towards the end of the year, this esteemed event offers a valuable opportunity to gain insight, establish relationships and set groundwork for the future year ahead.

Hear first-hand from key stakeholders in from the North, Central and Southern American base oils and lubricants industry and expect to network with decision makers from base oils producers, lubricant blenders, additive suppliers, traders, distributors and OEMs.

This year’s agenda explores the latest advancements in the re-refining technologies and ever evolving market drivers affecting supply and demand, sustainability and the wider automotive market. However, as the industry still remains resolute in its commitment to driving sustainable change, hear about the transformative impact of electrification on the industry as lubricant specification standards are becoming increasingly important.

A sample of who's attending:

Adipro USA LLC  |  Afton Chemical  |  AKRON, AMALIE Oil Company  |  American Petroleum Institute  |  American Refining Group Inc  |  Avista Oil  |  Bardahl de Mexico SA de CV  |  Basicos Y Aditivos Internacionales, S.A. De C.V.  |  Biosynthetic Technologies  |  Blue Tide Environmental  |  Braskem  |  Calcic Brazil  |  Calumet Refining  |  Calumet Specialty Products  |  Chevron  |  Comercial Importadora S De Rl De Cv  |  Comercial Roshfrans Sa De Cv  |  Cosmo Oil Lubricants Co., LTD.  |  COPEC SA  |  DAXX  |  DHL Global Forwarding  |  Diamond Internacional de México, SA de CV  |  DISTRIFULL S.A.  |  DYM Resources GmbH  |  ERGON  |  Eshcol Energy Limited  |  Esmax Distribucion Spa  |  ExxonMobil  |      
Fluidos Basicos  |  General Petroleum  |  Golden Eagle Chemical, Inc.  |  Grupo Beleva And Saga Trading  |  Harrison Manufacturing  |  Hasco Oil Co.  |  HF Sinclair  |  Hoyer Global  |  ICONIC  |  Imperial Oil  |  Ingrax  |  Interadi  |  Islam Lubricants  |  Kemipex  |  LEA International  |  Lubline  |  Lubriplate Lubricants  |  Lubrizol  |  Lubricantes de América  |  Metalub  |  Mexicana De Lubricantes  |  Midchem Mexico  |  Motiva  |  Moove  |  OEC Liquid Logistics Solutions  |  Panama Petrochem Ltd  |  PBF Energy  |  Penthol LLC  |  Petrobras  |  Pinnacle Oil Trading, LLC  |  Raizen Lubrificantes  |  Raloy Lubricantes  |  Renkert Oil  |  SF Sinclair  |  SK Enmove  |  SUNN LLC  |  Superbasicos Inc.  |  Trading Chemical Services  |  Tulstar Products, Inc.  |  Valvoline  |  Veolia  |  Veracity Worldwide  |  Verco International

Plus many more...

Confirmed speakers:

ICIS have already confirmed a fantastic line-up of speakers, with many more industry experts to be announced.

Why attend?

Connect with key decision-makers

Network for 2 days, with the most important individuals from across the base oils and lubricants industry.

Meet the entire supply chain

Join the complete value chain, with attendees from base oil producers, lubricant blenders, additive suppliers and more.

Hear from the brightest minds

The conference boasts a regular line-up of C-suite speakers and industry experts to discuss the most pressing topics.

Premier base oils event

ICIS have been providing a platform for the Pan American base oils industry for 16 years. This year marks the 17th edition.

Gain insights on the latest trends and challenges

Learn about the current market conditions, major drivers and what the future looks like for the base oils and lubricants industry.

Networking opportunities

Develop existing relationships with your contacts and find new ones, with various networking activities available throughout the conference.


The 17th ICIS Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants Conference is a must-attend event for the base oils and lubricants industry. The ticket includes access to all conference sessions, refreshments, lunches, dinners and networking events. Group discounts are also available for 3+ delegates.

Standard Rate



We are delighted to announce that the 17th Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants Conference will be hosted at the esteemed Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson River. This reputable venue offers a convenient and sophisticated setting for our distinguished event. 

To book a room, visit the website directly using the link below.

Hyatt Regency Jersey City, United States

Partner with ICIS


Sponsoring the conference gives you the flexibility to meet your specific needs, whether you require a dedicated meeting space or want to make a splash with new product launches.

This unique opportunity allows you to shine in the base oils and lubricants market, attracting new customers and partners while also providing the ideal setting for private meetings and discussions.