In-person Training

Petrochemicals: An In-Depth Introduction

Fundamentals of Petrochemical Plant Economics

19-21 June 2023 | Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE


The chemicals industry is changing rapidly. Geopolitical tension is impacting traditional trade flows while sustainability is defining the future landscape. The global economic state is creating even greater uncertainties making it challenging for businesses to make investment decisions.

Given these dynamics, petrochemical industry professionals need to be well-informed of the market development and regions they operate in. It is critical to be equipped with insight that will help identify profitability while mitigating risks and losses, as well as understanding the trends that are here to stay to future-proof their strategies.

Protect your competitive position by deepening your knowledge into the industry. Attending the ICIS Petrochemicals training courses will build your confidence as you navigate the changing world.  Plus connect with peers within the market in-person at a world class venue in Dubai.

Key course highlights include:

  • Petrochemicals value chain analysis explained in the simplest way to understand the market dynamics easily
  • Comprehensive overview of the cost and price drivers, supply and demand influencers and regional market scenarios
  • Key insights into the future industry trends: What are the factors shaping the outlook for petrochemicals?
  • Understand the basics of forecasting, profitability and margin analysis

The Courses

Petrochemicals: An In-Depth Introduction 

19-20 June 2023


This course will cover the seven building blocks of petrochemicals, as well as the vitally important links to upstream and downstream markets, to refining, oil and gas.  

By attending, you will gain a 360-degree comprehensive overview of petrochemical markets, learn about trade flows, and have a close look at regional dynamics, pricing, and major factors driving the industry. We will help you to understand the dynamics and key drivers of the petrochemical industry. It is designed to give attendees a comprehensive background to the driving forces and products of the industry and offers a blend of commercial and technical aspects of the industry.

Fundamentals of Petrochemical Plant Economics and Forecasting

21 June 2023


This course covers topics such as the role of spreads, margins, trade flows and supply and demand data in building market analysis.

We also explain the economics of the steam cracker business – how cost and profit models are built, accompanied by analysis of the cost positions of producers in different regions.

These topics are placed in the context of what’s happening right now in global polyolefins markets with our views on pricing, trade flows and supply and demand are the next 18 months, backed up by a wealth of ICIS data.

The Trainer

 John Richardson

John Richardson - Consultant, ICIS

John is a highly experienced trainer and chemicals industry analyst, who has been working in the industry for 18 years. Based in Asia-Pacific, John has a deep knowledge of the companies and people who have transformed the region into the world’s major production and consumption region. His aim is to provide insightful, factually-based analysis of the key issues facing the industry. His views are highly valued by senior executives, who appreciate his balanced and independent approach.

From 2006 until 2013, John was the Director for ICIS Training, where he successfully launched the business in the region, providing a wide range of courses covering petrochemicals, oil refining, fertilizers and base oils. He now works for the ICIS Consulting team. John has also co-authored an e-book, Boom, Gloom and the New Normal, with Paul Hodges of United Kingdom-based consultancy, International eChem. The book, which has been published by ICIS, examines how demographic factors and events in financial markets have reshaped the global economy. His Asian Chemical Connections blog has a wide regional and global readership.

The Venue

The Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE

Riyadh Street, Sheikh Rashid Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This luxury city resort in the heart of Dubai towers majestically over the edge of Dubai's historic creek with glorious views of the Dubai skyline.

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