9th ICIS World Polyolefins Conference

Engage with ICIS experts and industry leaders from the polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) value chains to discuss the most pressing global and regional market challenges.

Gain insight into current global market dynamics, virgin polyolefin supply and demand imbalances. Get the information you require to adapt and take advantage of new opportunities in the market. 

Navigate the evolving circular polyolefin landscape to assess the potential impact it may have on your current business operations. 

Evaluate key trends at the forefront of the industry to unearth your winning strategy to adapt and overcome future market challenges.

Across this two-day event, you will not only benefit from hearing from our experts but also build upon your existing industry contacts through dedicated networking sessions.  We believe you should be able to network before the event, to maximise your time on site, that is why we give you access to the Event Networking Platform before you arrive and after the conference has finished enabling you to continue your conversations beyond the event. To find out more click here.

Join companies across the supply chain:

The 9th ICIS World Polyolefins Conference

Agenda Highlights

  • End user demand forecasts: Analyse end application markets and investigate consumer purchasing trends influencing demand for virgin and recycled polyolefins
  • Changes to global and regional capacities:  Examine current virgin polyethylene and polypropylene supply dynamics
  • Technological developments: Discuss emerging polyolefin recycling technologies including chemical recycling and innovations to improve traceability
  • Value chain collaboration: Explore how the polyolefin community can collaborate to accelerate the circular economy
  • Rethinking supply chain challenges:  Investigate current logistical disruption and gain insight into what strategies stakeholders are using to optimise agility and resilience
  • Legislation updates: Examine key legislative trends and discover how policymakers are leveraging decarbonisation technologies to shape the future of the industry

ICIS Networking Conference

Key Speakers

An introduction to Polyolefins Training Course

Course Overview

An introduction to Polyolefins Training Course, taking place on 28 March 2023, will equip you with a solid understanding of how feedstock crisis and volatility creates a ripple effect throughout the value chain. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your market knowledge and learn how to recognise trends that cause the most disruption to the Polyolefins industry.

Why Attend this Course?

This in-person training course is equally suited for beginners as well as those wishing to refresh their understanding of the polyolefins industry. Delivered in one day, the course will enable you to:

•    Explore the impact of recent events on the industry, both in the short and long-term

•    Understand the factors driving prices, supply and demand of polyolefins

•    Discover a jargon-free explanation of polymer production and processes

•    Gain insight into key market trends and regional dynamics

•    Learn about key raw materials and technologies, and what they mean to this sector

 John Richardson


John Richardson – Consultant, ICIS Asia

Partnerships & Networking

Partnership Opportunities 

Leverage ICIS’ market position and contact database by partnering with us to raise your company profile and stand out from the crowd. There is no better place for you to maximise your brand exposure, whether you are an established business or new entrant looking for new opportunities, there is a bespoke partnership package for you. 

With attendance from both the biggest players, small start-ups and everything in between, the conference provides a great opportunity to keep your business at the forefront of the industry, launch a new product or generate sales.

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Establish  business connections 

We understand that valuable insight does not come from just our expert speakers but also your peers.  Back in person, this established event attracts representatives from over 30 countries spanning the entire value chain.  Extended refreshment breaks and lunches, plus a drinks reception will provide you with relaxed networking opportunities with the following industry groups:

  • Polyolefin producers
  • Recyclers
  • Converters
  • Traders/Distributors
  • Waste managers
  • Olefin producers
  • Industry associations
  • Brand owners and end users



The 9th World Polyolefins conference will be taking place at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Vienna.

Conveniently located in the centre of the city, the hotel is easily accessible from Vienna International Airport by either public transport or taxi with both taking approximately 25 minutes.

ICIS has agreed to a special discounted nightly rate of €315 at the hotel, to book please follow the link below.