27th ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference 2023

Base Oils Training

The ICIS Base Oils Training Course Series offers a comprehensive look into the different base oils groups and the different technologies involved in their processing.

The courses will help equip you with the fundamental knowledge and analytical concepts to help you navigate the markets effectively.

Historically, the base oil business was straightforward and easy to understand. Most regions had only one type of base oils manufacturing and producers offered similar products. However, over the past decade, the rise of different base oils manufacturing processes led to multiple and very different base oils products from each process. This has created a difficult maze for refiners, marketers, supply managers, the shipping industry, and end-use customers – especially those new to lubricants – to navigate.

To make sure you have a full comprehension of the industry as a whole, join the training sessions in-person running before the conference on 2-3 May.