28th ICIS & Tecnon OrbiChem World Chlor-Alkali Conference


Thank you for attending! See you in 2025


As the 27th ICIS & Tecnon OrbiChem World Chlor-alkali Conference draws to a close, we extend our appreciation to all attendees, speakers, and partners. Your active involvement contributed immensely to the success of the event.

The conference highlighted key developments across the caustic soda and chlorine markets, giving greater focus on supply and demand dynamics globally. Insights on how the rise of electric vehicles present growth for caustic soda were examined. Industry experts delved deeper into the demand projection for PVC as well as changes in the alumina and pulp and paper sectors. Expert opinions on the impact of geopolitics on trade, economic performance, and sustainability in the chlor-alkali industry formed part of discussions in and out of the conference room.

While 2024 is still uncertain the industry remains optimistic about future growth. Join us in this journey and discover what 2025 and beyond could bring.

Thank you once again for your participation and support. We look forward to welcoming you at our upcoming events.



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27th ICIS & Tecnon OrbiChem World Chlor-Alkali Conference

2024 Agenda & Key Themes

 Insight into regional market changes

Stay informed about chlor-alkali market. 

Explore the insightful agenda sessions on sustainability, innovation, and regional outlooks by industry experts.

 Creating efficiencies through technology

Learn about emerging enhancements.

Discover how technology and innovation are driving the development of bio-based epichlorohydrin production methods used across the industry. 

 Changing global trade flows and geopolitical scenarios

Gain valuable knowledge about emerging trends.

Hear from renowned experts on how changing global trade flows and geopolitical scenarios are influencing the supply and demand dynamics of PVC in the US market. 

Featured Speakers

What does the industry think?

Rio Tinto
Bloomberg Intelligence

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At the 28th ICIS & Tecnon OrbiChem World Chlor-Alkali Conference, we offer a variety of sponsorship options to suit every budget and objective. Whether you aim to maximise exposure with a premium sponsorship, focus on networking or showcase your offerings with exhibition space, we have tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals and make a significant impact in the industry.

 Market announcements: Showcase innovations and product launches
 Increase brand awareness: Boost visibility and reputation in the market
 Celebrate milestones: Share company successes with customers, partners, and colleagues
 Generate business opportunities: Pitch to industry decision makers for new ventures
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Who attends?

The conference is aimed at those looking to gain critical insight into the whole Cholr-Alkali industry and the pain points stakeholders are having. With expansive attendance from across the value chain.

• Feedstock producers
• Derivatives producers
• Traders/Distributors
• End Users
• Service Providers
• Technology Providers

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