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19th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

Incorporating Fuel Retail

Mandarin Oriental Al Faisaliah | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Conference: 8-9 October 2024 
Training: 6-7 October 2024

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy

2024 Partners

Lanyard Sponsor

Lubimax | Kemipex

Kemipex is a leading producer and supplier of chemical raw materials for the chemical industry and prestigious consumer brands. Headquartered in Dubai with branch offices in Singapore, India and Germany, we represent a main commercial hub for global distribution.

Kemipex is an official distributor of LUBIMAX®, which offers a wide range of packages covering every category of Automotive and Industrial applications, such as PCMO, HDEO, Two-Stroke Oil additive packages, Gear Oil and Hydraulic Fluid packages, VIIs, PPDs, Brake Fluids, Coolants and PAOs. LUBIMAX® products are flexible to different conditions, temperatures and environments.

Professional formulators and expert technicians of LUBIMAX® are supported by a global R&D Network that ensures nothing but excellence, quality, and trust. Our product portfolio meets and surpasses a host of significant industrial standards. 



ABB Blending and Formulation

ABB Blending and Formulation is a global leader in crafting tailored solutions, process modules, and control systems for formulation and blending units globally. Specializing in industrial processes such as batch production, formulation, and beyond, we cater to diverse sectors including lubricants, grease, paints, coating, paper, pharmaceuticals, and more. Our services encompass turnkey production unit construction, process engineering, and the manufacturing of process control equipment. Leveraging over 70 years of experience, our integrated solutions optimize production efficiency and accuracy. Whether standalone units or integrated systems, we empower industries to excel, offering design, modernization, installation, and commissioning expertise worldwide.

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Richful Lube Additive Company

Richful Lube Additive Company is a global supplier in professional lubricant additive solutions. Richful is offering an extensive product portfolio in automotive, marine, and Industrial applications. Based on comprehensive and sufficient components capacity from in-house facilities, Richful is supplying high performance lubricant additive pakcages globally with qualified products.