3rd ICIS Recycled Polymers Conference | Europe

Hotel Palace Berlin | Germany
Conference: 7 November 2024
Training: 6 November 2024



Achieving circularity by advancing existing solutions and breaking through supply challenges

Plastic recycling is a critical pillar of the chemical industry’s future. Organisations are shifting their business strategies and, giving greater focus on sustainability to stay relevant. But the concerns remain the same: the scalability of the market and the economic complexity of the supply chain.  

The scale of the problem expands amid the industry’s effort to create solutions.  Despite success stories, significant plastic waste reduction in the environment, and the development of legislation, there is still a long way to go to achieve plastic circularity.  

Regardless of where you are in your journey, the 3rd ICIS Recycled Polymers Conference | Europe is a great place to learn, engage, and discover ways to advance your business strategies.  

Register now and join us this November as we return to Berlin!

Network, learn & collaborate


Engaging with the market is critical given its ever-changing dynamics. With this in mind, we have included ample networking opportunities so you can get closer to your business partners while exchanging insights and ideas with your industry peers.



Feed your curiosity with insights that will deepen your understanding of European market dynamics. The agenda features spot-on topics that will provide clarity on the industry’s pressing concerns, such as the economic viability of plastics recycling, availability of feedstocks, technology development, regulatory challenges, and more.   


Discover Berlin

Get ready to be captivated by the charm of Berlin at this year’s conference. From iconic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate to world-class museums and bustling street scenes, the Hotel Palace venue is the perfect place to be. Arrive from Airport Berlin-Brandenburg with around 50 minutes via taxi or public transport, and 33 minutes via the Airport Express train.     

Agenda & Key Themes

Waste Management

Compared to other regions, Europe’s collection strategy is more established with its use of designated recycling bins, but what happens after collection? Learn more about post-consumer waste sorting and how we can protect polymer quality, whilst preventing it from leaking into the environment.

A Closer Look at the Application Market

As brands get closer to their set year targets, the pressure for raw material security heightens. Use this conference to understand how they are navigating this circular journey and find out what they are doing to support changing consumer behaviors to create growth.

Chemical Recycling

Gathering experts who are actively involved in chemical recycling, this year's sessions will explore the unique challenges that businesses face and the opportunities that available to them as facilities scale up.

Key Speakers

Hear what the industry has to say!