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ICIS Sustainability Summit Middle East

Middle East 

A focus on decarbonisation, recycled polymers, and waste management

The global shift towards sustainability is presenting significant challenges to businesses in the Middle East. In response to commitments made by governments including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, organisations are embarking on a journey towards sustainability. Reducing carbon emissions, improving waste management practices, and establishing recycling frameworks are becoming a focus for all industries.

This journey is not straightforward, and the complexity is amplified in the Middle East, given the reliance on oil as a critical component of its economy. The region is taking a cautious approach to change, recognising the need for rigorous planning and strategic implementation.

The ICIS Middle East Sustainability Summit will begin to address these challenges, by providing a crucial platform for industry professionals to come together. The combination of experts sharing their knowledge and businesses bringing problems to solve will be the perfect dynamic for a productive few days. It will provide you will an exceptional opportunity for collaboration and exchanging of ideas, enabling you navigate the complexity of a more sustainable future. The summit will focus on three key areas of sustainability: decarbonisation, recycled polymers, and waste management

Connect with like-minded peers


•  Oil and Gas / Energy producers
•  Integrated-petrochemical producers
•  Polymer and/or recycled polymer producers
•  Waste management companies
•  Plastic recyclers
•  Technology providers
•  Consumer brand owners
•  NGOs
•  Chemical associations
•  Government institutions
•  Finance Institutions
•  Consultants

Focusing on the 3 key areas of sustainability

Decarbonisation (Agenda Topic)

Topics include:

•    Spotlight on country-specific strategies in reducing carbon footprint

•    Examining opportunities and challenges that comes with decarbonisation initiatives

•    How would decarbonisation change the region and its business environment?

Topics include:

•    Developments of chemical recycling

•    Unravelling the complexity of design for recycling

•    Insight into regulations that defines the future of recycling

Topics include:

•    Understanding the current waste management infrastructure in the region.

•    Increased focus on urbanisation and infrastructure improvements: How can the region ensure a sustainable development?

•    How is the region turning waste into an economic resource?

Why attend?

Listen to industry experts

Hear from the thought-leaders pushing for a sustainable industry and understand what the future could look like.

Meet the entire supply chain

Meet with organisations across the value chain to expand your network, while exploring new opportunities.

Connect with key decision-makers

ICIS conferences are renowned for attracting senior executives from industry leaders across all major commodities.

Showcase your commitment to sustainability

By attending the ICIS Middle East Sustainability Summit, you will demonstrate your company's dedication towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Gain actionable insights and expert knowledge

Participate in engaging sessions and panel discussions to recognise the latest trends, innovations, and best practices.

Stay ahead of regulatory developments

Gain insights into government-led policies, regulations, and incentives that are shaping the sustainable landscape in the region. 

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Gain unparalleled visibility and recognition as you align your company with the core topics of decarbonisation, recycled polymers, and waste management.

By partnering with us, you will be able to demonstrate your leadership, forge valuable connections, and position your brand as a driving force in the sustainable future of the Middle East. Join us as a sponsor and be part of this transformative event.

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ICIS Middle East Sustainability Summit

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