12th ICIS World Surfactants Conference & Awards

May 10 - 11, 2022 / Jersey City, NJ

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Surfactants Business Essentials Training Course

May 9 // Jersey City, NJ

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Course Overview

While some markets have witnessed growth, motivated by an upsurge in demand for cleaning products, there are markets that have reached rock bottom. Coupled with uncertainties of the economy, these scenarios are creating a lack of clarity on what the market would look like in the months and years ahead.

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Why Attend This Course?

Receive unparalleled market insights and fundamental product knowledge. By attending, you will understand:

  • The basics of the surfactants industry, enabling you to differentiate between products and their applications
  • Key market dynamics that will empower you to make informed business decisions
  • Price drivers that will get you up to speed with the key cost influencers
  • The future trends that will guide your commercial strategies
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About The Trainer

Neil Burns

Neil Burns has over 30 years of experience in the chemicals and surfactants business. He is the managing partner at Neil A Burns LLC and the founding CEO, investor and board member at P2 Science, a renewable speciality chemicals company. Neil offers strategic advisory services with a focus on surfactants and oleochemicals

He successfully created two US businesses for VVF, an Indian oleochemical and consumer products company. He started and ran the US subsidiary for Oxiteno subsidiary of Brazil-based Ultrapar. Neil is a well-known public speaker and writer in the field of surfactants. He co-produces with ICIS, the global series of surfactants conferences, and is based in New Jersey, USA.

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