ICIS Surfactants Conferences

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About the Awards

ICIS is searching for the very best in innovation in the chemical industry. The ICIS Surfactants Awards recognise and reward companies paving the way in product, process and sustainability innovations in our industry.

ICIS Surfactants Awards: 25 May 2021
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Why Enter?

Showing your customers the value you provide through innovative solutions is the number one way to developing a strong buyer base. But how do you demonstrate the strides you and your company are making?

The ICIS Surfactants Awards provide a fantastic opportunity for companies to showcase their commitment to striving for excellence within the Surfactants industry. Whether it be in support of leading innovations, industry partnerships or sustainable practises, here lies a great opportunity to not only get your brand noticed amongst the leaders in the Surfactants industry, but to have it associated more widely with the most successful projects and companies of the year.
In a world where innovation can be crowded out by the chaos of industry fluctuations, you need a clear voice highlighting why your solutions stand out from the rest.
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Entries are now closed for the 2021 World Surfactants Awards
Register your interest to be the first to know about the 2022 event
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