ICIS Global Plastics Recycling Policy Summit

Unravelling the policies that shape the future of recycling

23 - 25 May 2022 // Virtual





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What to Expect

We hear you. Understanding policies around plastics recycling is critical in driving your sustainability strategies forward. Priority differences in each region could widen the gap between your current market position and your organisation's future direction. How can you reconcile this gap? What can you do now to ensure success in your transition to a circular economy?

Join this ground-breaking event that offers the polymers industry a platform to feature in comprehensive policy-focused discussions. Spend three days gaining insights into Europe, Asia, and North America policies enabling you to make smarter decisions.

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This conference aims to unravel complex policies that regions have faced by discussing case studies and reviewing future guidelines. By bringing together an international community this event provides an opportunity to connect and learn from some of the most prominent market players.

The virtual event platform will enable you to experience an ICIS conference from anywhere in the world.
Learn more about the sessions you can join by viewing the agenda. 
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The ICIS virtual experience

The virtual event portal delivers everything you need to experience all the business & education opportunities an ICIS conference can offer.
You can access the portal via the web browser on your mobile devices or desktop. The mobile application is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.
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We understand how important networking is for your business – in fact, 83% of attendees say networking is the most valuable aspect of attending an ICIS conference.  

The ICIS Networking Tool offers an online solution which allows you to connect with attendees via the searchable directory so you can schedule meetings before and after the event. The benefit of a virtual event enables delegates to join from around the world while reducing travel costs and carbon emissions.      
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Partnership Opportunities

Virtual conferences have unlimited reach compared to physical events, which makes it an extremely cost-effective way to put your brand message in front of large numbers of decision-makers.

As a digital conference partner, you’ll gain access to current delegate profile data which you can use to target your sales and marketing activities and set up one-to-one virtual meetings – plus a host of other brand opportunities. We make the whole process easy and efficient, and 100% digital engagement is an environmentally sustainable way to work too.

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Companies in Attendance

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