Antitrust Policy


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ICIS Events Antitrust Policy / Competition Law Policy 

ICIS Events are organised to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge among participants helping to ensure that the relevant markets evolve and operate efficiently. It is important, however, to recognise that these Events are subject to the legal limits of antitrust laws,in particular laws that prohibit restraints of trade or restrictive practices. Antitrust or Competition laws may be applied differently by regulators in different parts of the world, the core principle, however, is clear – any collusive conduct between businesses which reduces competition is potentially illegal. This covers any exchange of information regarding prices, offering of discounts, or sharing of markets or source of supply.
Therefore, for the benefit of everyone, we would insist that you DO NOT discuss or exchange sensitive business information including the following:
  • individual company prices, price changes, terms of sales, etc.
  • industry pricing policies, price levels, price changes, etc.
  • price differentials, price mark-ups, discounts, allowances, credit terms
  • costs of production or distribution, cost accounting formulas, methods of computing costs
  • individual company figures on sources of supply, costs, productions, inventories, sales, etc.
  • information as to future plans of individual companies concerning technology, investments, or the design, production, distribution or marketing of particular products including proposed territories or customers
  • matters relating to individual suppliers or customers, particularly in respect of any action that might have the effect of excluding them from the market
We would ask that you call to the organiser’s attention any violations of these principles that you observe at the Events.
You must seek your own legal advice if you are not clear about any aspect of this.
We will take appropriate steps in the event of any contravention, this may include changes in the way the Event is run or the removal of participants from the Event.