Plastics Recycling & Circularity Conference - Americas Edition

27 - 28 October 2021

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Why attend the Plastics Recycling & Circularity Conference

No matter which part of the value chain you represent, you have a critical role to play to establish a clear circular economy road map. The conference is structured according to your needs that are essential to protect your competitive position.
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What makes our event unique?

  • Agenda packed with business-critical insight to help you shape robust sustainability strategies
  • Industry leaders and market professionals sharing their unparalleled views into the recycling business across the region
  • Opportunities to share your views and learn from others through live Q&A, surveys, polls and a panel discussion
  • Creative and AI-powered platform allowing you to engage in one-to-one or group meetings supporting collaborations to find solutions
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What opportunities are available for you?

  • Meet potential customers and suppliers that can help you achieve your business goals and strategies
  • Grow relationships with other parts of the value chain that will help establish collaboration opportunities
  • Exclusive insights and expert opinions that will enable you to:
    • Make informed business decisions
    • Prepare for unprecedented risks and mitigate them
    • Understand your customers and suppliers challenges
    • Learn about how fast the market is moving and the potential bottlenecks
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Who will you meet?

  • Producers
  • Plastic converters and manufacturers
  • Brand owners
  • Waste management and recyclers
  • Regulators and legislators
  • Industry associations and NGOs
  • Technology and service providers
                                ...and more industry experts and like-minded peers
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